Tendering procedure

Tenders are a proven tool to stimulate competition in the procurement in the energy sector, e.g. for the procurement of gas in large volumes. With the EEG 2017 the support scheme has been changed from a system with fixed feed-in remuneration to a tendering system with auctions. Project developers and investors have to take higher risks into account and anticipate the potential outcome of a future auction before deciding about high investments. At the same time the question about the optimal bidding strategy arises.

TEAM CONSULT supports companies during the participation in auctions as well as during the preparation and implementation of own tendering procedures.

Renewable energy tenders

In the course of capacity auctions for photovoltaics, windfarms and biomass plants, we advise project developers, investors and banks in every relevant strategic and commercial decision. We support the involved parties in the development of an optimal bidding strategy with regard to project specific conditions and the competitive and regulatory framework. In early project phases, we assess if high upfront investments for specific locations can be profitable with regard to possible feed-in remunerations which are determined in auctions. These evaluations are based on well-founded analyses of bidding behaviour and results of previous tendering procedures for renewables in Germany, as well as relevant influencing factors on future tendering results. In doing so, we consider all technology-specific characteristics which arise from the design of the EEG 2017.

Energy procurement tenders

In the gas sector, we prepare and conduct tendering procedures for supply contracts (e.g. residual or full service supply contract) for our clients. From the draft of tender documents, to the contact of potential supplier’s right up to the evaluation of received offers, we support you in every phase of the tendering procedure. The evaluation of received offers is carried out according to criteria, determined in cooperation with you, and based on our extensive market experience. If necessary, we conduct renegotiations and give recommendations for our clients.