Support in contract negotiations

Negotiation of new and renegotiation of existing contracts

Long-term contracts are fundamental components to secure the economic future of contracting parties, especially in the context of dynamic change of the energy markets. How should your company’s new supply contracts be designed? How should existing contracts be optimised or adapted?

TEAM CONSULT has many years of experience in negotiating, coordinating and designing cooperation and supply contracts along the entire value chain, i.e. from producer to importer, wholesaler to public utility company or industrial customer. Our clients also include power plant and storage operators, as well as producers of biogas.

Based on our knowledge and experience of the energy sector, we support you in negotiations of new contracts or in commercial renegotiations of existing contracts, e.g. as part of regular price revision cycles. We develop negotiation strategies and contribute ideas for the phrasing of specific clauses in order to take into account current and future requirements (e.g. on the basis of changes in economic circumstances).

Price revisions

Due to the special market dynamics on markets for piped gas and LNG and, in particular, against the background of changes in the regulatory framework, price revisions between contracting parties are not uncommon. TEAM CONSULT has so far been involved in over 100 price revisions. In these revisions of German, European and international contracts, annual contractual quantities of a total of more than 2.000 TWh were negotiated, with a total amount in dispute in the billions.

In price revision proceedings, we accompany you, whether you are the claimant or the defendant, and provide background support as a leading expert, specialist or adviser. We aim to assess the most recent market developments through dedicated market studies in order to objectively determine whether and to what extent price changes are justified.

Whether you need advice about negotiations, revision or mediation, TEAM CONSULT guarantees you the highest level of discretion and ultimate security with facts and analyses that stand up to scrutiny. Through intensive checks of the documents created, our internal quality management guarantees expert reports that are conclusive, consistent and precise.