Studies and reports

Market studies

TEAM CONSULT regularly and extensively investigates current trends on the energy markets with a particular focus on the piped gas, LNG and power markets. As part of multi-client studies for noteworthy clients, we investigate which topics affect the gas and power markets or influence market conditions in the medium to long term, using specific questions in investigations and questionnaires.

Market analyses

How will the European electricity and gas markets develop in the future? What are the impacts of the globalisation of the energy markets? What are the consequences of the German energy transition with the phase-out of nuclear energy and expansion of renewable energies? Where and how are, e.g. market structures, market shares, growth potentials and sales channels changing? What effects do current market developments have on your business?

As a basis for successful company decisions, TEAM CONSULT provides reliable information about current market conditions and economic trends. With a high level of expertise in German and global energy markets, we work out market analyses for producers, importers, resellers, public utility companies, power station operators, storage operators and transporters etc.

Competition analyses

What products and marketing strategies do your competitors use and how are they set up with regard to procurement? Where are the margins along the value chain? What are your market opportunities and risks like in comparison to your competitors? Where is potential for differentiation?

TEAM CONSULT provides competition analyses for international energy producers, importers, regional distributors, public utility companies and project developers. We assess product portfolios, market shares, sales volumes etc. and produce analyses of strengths/weaknesses, benchmark analyses and much more. Our expert teams analyse competitors’ behaviour in order to derive profitable competition strategies, as well as safe investment decisions together with our client.

Reports about special issues

Next to frequently occurring questions that concern our clients from a microeconomic perspective, we address challenges of the energy system as a whole. How can security of supply be improved through moderate regulatory intervention? Which infrastructures will probably be required in an (almost) emission-free energy system in the future? Together with and for our clients, we work out position statements about various issues from a holistic perspective.