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TEAM CONSULT guarantees a consistently high level of advice and is continually expanding is market expertise. We have been analysing developments in the energy markets in Germany and Europe for 30 years. Our senior advisors participate in international conferences as speakers, on discussion panels or as chairmen.

Diversity is not just beneficial when it comes to experience. TEAM CONSULT brings together experienced senior advisors from the industry and young professionals, all-rounders and specialists, visionaries and lateral thinkers, analysts and managers from different academic and industrial areas. Each project team is specially formed and highly motivated. Synergies from interdisciplinary knowledge and experiences take effect to our clients’ benefit.

Madjid Kübler
Degree in mathematical economics
Management Team

more ... Madjid Kübler is the managing director and owner of TEAM CONSULT G.P.E. GmbH. He is a qualified mathematical economist and has decades of experience in top management consultancy. Prior to the acquisition of TEAM CONSULT, he has worked in senior positions at Accenture and Arthur D. Little. Mr Kübler acquired TEAM CONSULT in 2004. He is continuously engaged in price revisions and arbitration proceedings, both in the role of expert and arbitrator. Mr Kübler regularly appears at conferences as a speaker and presenter.

Jens Völler
Degree in business management
Management Team

more ... Jens Völler has a degree in business management from Berufsakademie Berlin. During his studies he worked on investment theory issues and on the effects of economic and environmental policy on business management. After graduating, he studied physics at RWTH Aachen University. There he mainly dealt with reactor safety and technology, as well as alternative energy technologies. After five years as a member of scientific staff at the chair for technology and innovation management at RWTH Aachen University, he joined TEAM CONSULT in 2011. Jens is responsible for the business unit “gas markets” and worked on various projects on gas price revisions and arbitrations as well as strategy development projects. He is also involved in the evaluation of gas supply agreements and produced expert reports on the development of the gas market.

Hans-Ulrich Meine
Degree in business administration

more ... Hans-Ulrich Meine is qualified in business administration and has more than 35 years of experience in the German and international energy industry. He joined TEAM CONSULT as Senior Advisor in 2017. Mr Meine started working in the business unit Gas Marketing of BEB Erdgas und Erdöl in 1981. Furthermore, he took on different positions in the fields of planning, transport, storages, gas procurement and gas sales. After working for Esso Expro (UK) and Quadrant Gas (UK), Hans-Ulrich Meine was an authorized representative of BEB Erdgas und Erdöl. He was responsible for gas import contracts, gas purchases and for projects related to the liberalization of the German gas market. From 2008 to 2016, he was managing director of ExxonMobil Gas Marketing Germany, as well as member of the gas steering group at the German Association of Energy and Water Industries (BDEW).

Sybe Visser
Degree in law

more ... Sybe Visser is a lawyer and has been supporting TEAM CONSULT as a freelance worker since 2006. He has more than 45 years of experience in the international oil and gas industry in the most diverse of markets. Mr Visser has worked at Shell, Gasunie and RWE in various top management positions. For example, he was export director at Gasunie for many years and manager of the entire gas portfolio at RWE Energy. He has supported various national and international projects during his time as a freelance worker at TEAM CONSULT.

Dietrich Gerstein
Dr.-Ing. Mining and Engineering

more ... Dietrich Gerstein holds a doctorate degree in mining and engineering. He joined TEAM CONSULT as Senior Advisor in January 2016. He started his career with Ruhrgas AG, Essen in 1992 and held senior positions in business development, gas purchase and in management and negotiation of long-term gas contracts. Later on, he was responsible for the development of the LNG business of the E.ON group. Lately, Mr Gerstein worked with Royal Dutch Vopak, Rotterdam as Global Director LNG. He has in-depth knowledge of international natural gas, LNG and energy markets. Furthermore, he is focussed on infrastructure developments (pipeline, LNG, storage). He has excellent understanding of handling international projects and intergovernmental relationships. Parallel to his current position at TEAM CONSULT he works with the German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water (DVGW) and governmental institutions on facilitating infrastructure developments for the use of LNG as a clean fuel.

Jürgen Kehrmann
Degree in business administration

more ... Mr Kehrmann is qualified in business administration and founded TEAM CONSULT in Hamburg in 1987. Since the sale of the company to Mr Madjid Kübler in September 2004, Mr Kehrmann has still been available to TEAM CONSULT for project-specific, situation-related, individual questions. Mr Kehrmann has many years of experience in the German energy industry (Deutsche BP). During his 18 years as owner of TEAM CONSULT, he was involved in many price revision proceedings and several arbitration proceedings.

Ulrich Henkel
Degree in business administration

more ... Ulrich Henkel is qualified in business administration and joined TEAM CONSULT as a freelance worker in March 2013. Mr Henkel was a member of the board of rhenag Rheinische Energie AG and responsible for the energy sector. His career began in 1978 at gas supply company Thyssengas GmbH in Duisburg. He was responsible in managerial positions for gas procurement and the sale of natural gas to utilities, industrial customers and power plants for many years. Until his move to rhenag, Mr Henkel was in charge of sales management of regional RWE companies for energy suppliers and municipalities at RWE energy.

Walter Thielen
Dr.-Ing. Mechanical Engineering

more ... Walter Thielen holds a doctorate degree in mechanical engineering with a focus on energy and process engineering. He is an independent senior advisor for TEAM CONSULT. His career began at L&C Steinmüller GmbH, a company which had world-wide activities in the fields of energy and environmental engineering. In his position as head of the research and development department and the chemical and experimental field, he was strongly involved in the strategic and technical development of the company. From 1999 to 2014 he was managing director of the DVGW, the German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water. He successfully positioned the association in the fields of national and European standardization and research. He also triggered the establishment of new affiliated companies and acquisitions. These steps increased the value of the association for its members in the gas and water industry and other industries.

Thomas Giller
Degree in business administration

more ... Thomas Giller is qualified in business administration and has more than 27 years of experience in the German and international energy industry and has been working for Team Consult as Senior Advisor since 2018. He started his career in the Gas Marketing division of BEB Erdgas und Erdöl GmbH and worked for ExxonMobil since 2004 in the German organization in Hannover as well as in the European Headquarter in London. He was responsible in different roles and functions along the gas value chain (Procurement/Sales, Gas transport and storage, Contractual management/Investment/Divestment of assets). As an International Key Account Manager for North-West Europe he led the negotiations with the long-term contract partners.

Armin Beilfuß
Degree in geography

more ... Mr Beilfuß is a qualified geographer and has worked at TEAM CONSULT since 2006. Before working at TEAM CONSULT, Mr Beilfuß supported numerous projects on the topic of climate change and energy, e.g. introduction of local energy performance certificates at noteworthy German institutes, as an assistant and research consultant. He is responsible for the continual development of knowledge management and the relevant market databases at TEAM CONSULT. Mr Beilfuß has extensive experience in the various issues in the German gas market. He is involved, for example, in arbitration proceedings and market and competition analyses.

Heike Wunderlich
Degree in engineering and economics

more ... Ms Wunderlich worked for a large, European supply company that has made major investments in Germany. During this time, she worked in various departments, including business development, M&A and controlling. Since the early 90s, Ms Wunderlich has worked as an internal consultant and project manager in the energy sector as well as financial services. She joined TEAM CONSULT as a freelance worker in 2006. One of the main foci of her work is quality assurance of expert reports that are prepared by TEAM CONSULT.

Georg Haas
Degree in business administration

more ... Georg Haas is qualified in business administration. He completed his studies in business management at the University of Saarland in 2007. After gaining initial experience as a member of the scientific staff at the chair for managerial economics and in the aeronautical industry, he has worked as a business consultant in the energy sector since 2008. As a freelance worker for TEAM CONSULT, he is mainly focused on gas trading and price revisions. Georg Haas has managed projects for preparation and support of price revision negotiations and arbitration proceedings. He has also conducted numerous price analyses for evaluating gas supply contracts and drawn up recommendations for optimising procurement strategies.

Simon Krehl
B.Sc. Business Administration, M.Sc. Engineering Management

more ... Simon Krehl studied Business Administration at Pforzheim University with a focus on resource efficiency management. Afterwards, he did a master’s degree in Engineering Management at Beuth University and School of Economics and Law in Berlin with a focus on energy and environment. His master thesis was about a technical economic analysis of different energy storage technologies in cold warehouses. He acquired his first working experiences in the energy sector during a student employment in Product Management and Technical Sales at Home Power Solutions GmbH. Since mid-2020, Mr. Krehl has been working at TEAM CONSULT on different subjects like Hydrogen, Natural Gas and LNG.

Kolja Kübler
Student employee

more ... Kolja Kübler started working for TEAM CONSULT in 2020. In addition to his work as a student employee, he is also studying Industrial Engineering at Beuth University and School of Economics and Law in Berlin with a focus on environment and sustainability.

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