Energy market

The German and the international energy industries are undergoing fundamental changes. Following the liberalisation process, climate-related aspects, the transformation of the energy system, as well as an increasing internationalisation of the markets are now coming to the fore. The market participants’ focus on traditional business models is no longer sufficient.

In its consultancy areas, TEAM CONSULT supports you in properly assessing the consequences of the changes and in deriving promising options for action. With the expertise from 30 years in the energy industry.

Natural Gas

Natural gas is an important source of energy. We monitor and evaluate relevant market trends and develop viable solutions to your individual problems. With the long-standing expertise of our team.
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LNG connects the international gas markets. Whether in the field of small-scale LNG applications or LNG as long-term available option of supply – we analyse business opportunities and support you as expert in contract negotiations.
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Gas Storage

Gas storages are flexible assets to ensure security of supply and to make use of arbitrage opportunities in the market. We support you in assessing the economic circumstances for gas storages with appropriate foresight.
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Electricity Market

The power system in Germany is undergoing major transformations. Based on our databases and models, such as the merit order of power plants, we support you in adapting your business activities to current developments in the electricity market.
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Energy Storage

Energy storages are the missing link to bring fluctuating energy supply and demand into balance and thereby become a game changer in the energy transition. We develop solutions to make energy storages a concept for your success.
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Energy Transition

We support you in successfully seizing the opportunities and in countering the risks of the Energy Transition. With profound knowledge, we sound out markets considering latest trends and we provide tailor-made analyses and recommendations.
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